extremely good.
Yo, that new DMX C.D. is thorough
by Ruz May 09, 2003
Top Definition
gangsta...gully...gutta...down for whatevea....will step to n e bitch or nigga anyday....
damn kidd.... that beezy is thorough
by Macks Thorough Beezy January 21, 2005
to include everything, to cover all the bases. going the extra mile
man that test was thorough,it covered everthing we've learned since the 1st day of class
by Donell April 08, 2005
gangsta... aint scurred of shyt... down for whateva
damn kidd... you got a thorough ass chick ova there.
by Dee's Through Bitch August 02, 2004
adj. A word used to describe a tough or strong man. syn. muscular, gangsta, thug

adj. A word used to describe some one who comes with it, consistently.
Woman 1: "You heard of that guy Ace of Cakes from B-more?"
Woman 2: "Yeah, I saw him on the Food channel. I had heard he can bake a cake, but was real surprised when I actually saw him."
Woman 1: "Why you say that?"
Woman 2: "Cause he looked too thorough to be baking cakes for a living!"
by Madello May 17, 2007

1.Something extremely pleasing
2.Someone quite good looking.
1.I'm going to Chicago, that's so thorough.
2.Usher is thorough to the fullest.
by Lolita T.M. August 16, 2004
Yo, you dont know what the game does to you. The game is thorough, you cant even be on my level cuz i'm in the game and i'm thorough. Oh, you know what else is thorough? My grandmoms lived down the street from Benzino. He's thorough too.
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
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