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Gully, Gangsta. Ready to fight anybody anywehre. Made popular from Prodigy from Mobb Deep's Song "Keep It Thoro" on his album H.N.I.C. (Head Nigga In Charge).
Person 1:Yo we gonna get move the weight
Person 2:Wordup Dun we keep it thoro
by D.R.E.A.M. January 23, 2007
down for what ever, when ever.
I'm a thoro gyrl, let's go mess them gyrls up!
by Sera-->[.*1 of a Kind*.] November 25, 2006
something that is cool ha
Sean Crawley Is so Fucking Thor-o
by sean November 23, 2004
a Companion.a massive Friend.
wassup thoro!
by roglum75 September 12, 2003