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a song sung about a certain article of clothing in which a long string of clothe runs directly between the cheeks of one's butt butt butt and is VERY scandalous
"i think i'll sing it again she bang she bop bop, THONG SONG"
by malllllllllll June 23, 2006
1) The story that women tell about the reason the wear a thong versus regular panties because it feels better and sexier, eventhough everyone knows it is because their butts are too huge and regular panties always crackigate on them.
2) A woman's constant complaining about her ass being to big and that she needs to do something about it, but never does.
1) I wish Sarah would stop sining her thong song and admit the french cut she bought last time didn't fit right.

2) Stop singing your thong song and go to the gym.
by BuddhaDude3 August 12, 2011

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