Thomas Jefferson founded The University of Virginia in 1819. UVA is the number two public school in the country and is ranked 23rd nationally at the same level as Georgetown. This beautiful school is rife with tradition and beauty. All one needs to do is walk around grounds on a spring day to see way all of the students at this storied institution love their school. The traditions at UVA are interesting and unique. From streaking the lawn down to the statue of Homer then kissing him on the bum and then running back up to the rotunda to say goodnight to Mister Jefferson to steam tunneling in the underground system of tunnels which brings heat to the buildings around grounds. Students here are committed to learning and improving the world around them. Some famous graduates of the University of Virginia include Katie Couric, Robert F. Kennedy, Tina Fey, Woodrow Wilson, and Tiki Barber. Students can be seen at all hours of the night at the 24 hour University library, Clemons, studying and writing papers. These students committed to excellence, have a no cheating, lying, or stealing policy institutionalized in the honor code and upheld by the honor committee. This single sanction code ensures Professors can trust their students and that students can trust each other. Those members of the University community who cannot abide by the honor code are removed from the University. Most students love the honor code however and would not get rid of something that makes their school unique. The University of Virginia is one of the best schools in the world and the premier undergraduate experience.

TJ was also the third president, he helped write the declaration, and he was the president under which the US bought half of its land mass (the Louisiana Purchase). He also had many other contributions. UVA is the best though.
Person One: Who is your favorite President?
Person Two: Thomas Jefferson
Person One: Why?
Person Two: I go to UVA. TJ's my homeboy
by UVAgirl March 12, 2009
A great school filled with academically masochistic students. Offers many rigorous courses, such as Quantum Mechanics and Differential Equations. Includes a wealth of different students; yes, there are jocks and preps. Some of the most amazing teachers that exist teach there. Here are some common stereotypes about TJ:

1. They're all nerds.
There's nothing wrong with being a nerd. It just means that they'll end up being more successful than most people, that's all.

2. No one does drugs there.
Is that a bad thing?

3. Everyone's stuck-up.
And there aren't any of those people in your school? Obviously, there are some arrogant people, but most of the population is accepting and intelligent.

4. No one has a social life.
You don't go to the school.

5. You get like six hours of homework every day.
...only if you're a Junior.

6. Everyone's Asian.
Ok, so there are a lot of Asians in the school. Doesn't mean that people shun you just because you're in another ethnic group.

7. ...there's more, but I need to finish my French homework so I don't get screwed tomorrow.

Really, it gives you a good, solid foundation. Go there if you don't believe me.
1: Omg, liek every1s azn!!!!!!111111
2: Actually, most people are white, and Asians aren't to be feared. Unless you want them to be.

1: Thomas Jefferson sucks because you're all nerds.
2: Say that when I'm your boss fifteen years from now.

by vlyper September 12, 2006
the least diverse high school known to man.
the place is full of white preppy kids and asians who think theyre black.
the teachers are hard as balls. it doesnt fucking make sense.
everyone at tj thinks im fucked up because i listen to music about killing people
by niggasense February 26, 2005
One of the strangest, most difficult, and most awesome schools around. Much of the population consists of nerds, dorks, and wannabe preps; however, social lives exist. Contains geniuses as well as stupid people who cheat themselves into the school. Stereotypes are not always true and are often supported by the students themselves.
Freshmen flocked to the swimming pool on the third floor on the first day of school.

She cried all day after asian-failing calculus. The B+ on her report card woudl surely lower her GPA.
by hello February 08, 2005
A high school where you will find some of the biggest nerds and losers anywhere as well as some of the tightest people anywhere.
I have some friends at TJ who are so chill. Sometimes I wish I went there to get away from the ignorant idiots in my school.

Word, but don't forget about all those nerds and losers.
by b September 15, 2004
chill place. you can max out studying. or max out chillin. just like anywhere else. yeah people sit on the floor and do homework, but its relaly cause they were being lazy the night before, either that or too busy. i like to refer to it as tiege. its one syllable.
sometimes if i want to make fun of my friend . i can refer to him by the nickname tiege. especially when he does something stupid. its funny
by lil cease February 25, 2005
Gets a bad rap for being 100% crazy science/tech losers, and for pretty legit reasons, but is REALLY not all that bad. Guy scene is weak, social life does exist.
Asian Connection is the biggest club but some students actually do act normal and blow of work to hang out.
by tobin December 21, 2004

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