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1. A song by rapper Mims, I'll let that definition explain why hip-hop is now dead

2. A advertisement quite often seen on this site.
1. This is why I'm hot, This is why I'm hot, This is why, This is why, This is why I'm hot. (I won't tell you why though)

2. This is why I'm hot (earth with sad boiling face & thermostat sticking out of it)
by CA3B20A3G October 07, 2007
a phrase used to evade any awkward situation.
them: "Are you going out with my ex boyfriend/girlfriend?"

you: "This is why I'm hot." this is the part where you walk away..causually..yet defiantly. ;)

by Jessie & Jemma March 06, 2007
A term used to describe ones ballin self. It may also be used to describe someones temperature.
Humza: This is why i'm hot and you are not.
Chris: Humza I know. You are the shit.
Humza: No really I am just hot.
Chris: O' really then here is a refreshing Brisk Iced Tea
by Ryan Agee May 09, 2007
The official theme song of Cleveland Indians 1st baseman Ryan Garko.
Mike Hegan(announcer) "And now up to the plate, number 25, 1st baseman Ryan GARKO!!!!!!" (background music plays) this is why I'm hot, this is why I'm hot, this is why, this is why, this is why I'm hot.
by BigDawg09 March 12, 2008