When your showering with your signifigant other or fuckbag...while shes got her back turned too you, grab a hand full of shampoo or soap. Get your fuckstick lathered up real well, drop the bar of soap in front of her. So when she goes too pick it up, you jam your prick inside her balloon knot. Leaving a , stinging, burning sensation in her butthole . Hence " Third eye Blind "
Samantha was out shopping at the grocery store, when she goes too grab a box of fruit loops from the bottom shelf. To her surprise, she feels a burn. Billy the box boy, give's her the ole " third eye blind ". cleanup in aisle 3, cleanup in aisle 3
#asshole #butthole #anus #anal #balloon knot
by jaibone8 October 30, 2010
A guy who doesnt care what the girl looks like because they are drunk or just want some pussy... third eye is the dickhole
WHOA that white boy must be third eye blind that girl looks like star jones and chris rock!!!
#drunk #desperate #lickalotofpussy #needspussylikefood #ugly pussy cat petkeeper
by here i am December 25, 2005
the act of a guy sleeping with anything that walks ugly or not
that guy must be third eye blind cuz he goes hogging alot
by edmond April 21, 2005
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