Very sexy poster at IGN. Has the best insults and if you don't know him, you will.
theunsurpassed should have 10000000000 WULs by now.
by your_mom November 07, 2003
Top Definition
The epitome of internet brilliance. His insults are greater than anything you could ever come up with. A true genious
Daddy, I wanna be like theunsurpassed when i grow up :)
by Seiken_Densetsu July 19, 2004
theunsurpassed is true genius who posts on The Vestibule at He is responsible for the phrases "End Yourself" and "You suck at life". Those 2 phrases, which are used more than any other phrase (excepting the word "owned") on internet forums, were both coined and created by theunsurpassed.

theunsurpassed is, without a doubt, a modern genius.
If someone says something stupid, say "End Yourself".

If someone is feeling down, say "End yourself. You suck at life."

theunsurpassed is brilliant.
by Light November 21, 2003
A true genius who posts occassionally on the IGN boards. He's banned all the time, so his profile is hard to check. He is a very sexy poster ;) .
theunsurpassed is my idol.
by truth November 13, 2003
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