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A national sorority that has the nicest and most fun girls you will find on any campus. They are approachable and real and thats what makes them special.
Sometimes they refer to themselves as Theta Phis
That Theta Phi is so freakin nice...and she's hot!
by Iheartthetaphi February 27, 2005
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A national sorority that boasts the absolute best sisters you will be able to find anywhere. Thetas are never fake, superficial, or mean people. They can (and have) drink ANY fraternity under the table, and put other sororities to shame when it comes to partying. Thetas are constantly asked to mix with frats because they are known as the most fun.
Dude 1: Oh man, I'm so hung over today
Dude 2: Why's that? Where'd you go last night?
Dude 1: I was drinking with the thetas

Rush1: Oh man I really hope Theta Phi Alpha gives me a bid
Rush2: Well you're kinda trashy so they prob won't like you
by starrie87 March 12, 2008
Theta Phis are the most real girls in any sorority. They are sweet, kind, caring, and crazy intelligent. They are leaders in on and off the campus representing true Greek Life. Not only are the all around bad-asses but they are the most crazy fun sorority girls you will ever meet. They are the beautiful girls you take home to mom and then they out drink your dad under the table, because they already out drank every fraternity. Never sober, always true are the theta phis, known for holding their liquor with class. The penguin best represents them because they travel in packs, mate for life, and are always dressed for a party. Do not try and mess with a theta phi girl because if you mess with one you mess with the entire sorority. There sisterhood is the strongest, truest, and proudest of the greek tree. They would never bad mouth their sisters and are always there by there side. Every loyal, ever lasting are the Theta Phi Alpha girls.
Dude1: Wow, you would be a perfect Theta Phi Alpha. You are smart, beautiful, sweet, outgoing, and crazy fun!
PNM: Thanks! Its only the dream to belong to the best sorority on campus.
by CollegeCampuses March 18, 2015
this sorority has the ugliest girls on campus by far. they try to make themselves look nicer by using fake tanning machines and caking on makeup but underneath it most of these girls look like a donkey and pig mated and made a baby and decided to call it...THETA PHI ALPHA. thetas usually have alot of cellulite, but call it "nice curves" and like to pretend they are the best, but it is only in their own heads they think that. only the desperate of guys would sleep with a theta. simply put, theta phi alpha is a joke sorority that everyone makes fun of behind closed doors.
hungover frat guy: *wakes up and looks at girl laying beside him* AHHHHH! what the hell happened last night? what is that?!

frat guy 2: damn...i feel sorry for you. that is one ugly THETA PHI ALPHA. i hope you didn't catch a disease..
by JimmyXMIAJ July 02, 2010

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