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A website where thousands of Sims 2 addicts who call themselves 'simmers' log into to be able to upload stories, custom Sims, lots, etc. If two simmers get along really well, then they will become 'GB buddies', when they continuously talk to eachother and share ideas via signing eachothers guestbooks.
The forum is equally used as a point of idea communication. The BBS is split into 'stuff pack discussion', 'expansion pack discussion'. 'help' and 'suggest an idea'.
The site is moderated and updated by Maxoids A maxoid is someone who has volunteered to work for Maxis by working on the website.
SimMasterAnubis: Hi there! Welcome to thesims2.com! We here at Maxis hope you enjoy being the latest simmer to join thi site!

Deadlytru1: Thanks.
by Tre's wife! lol ;-) December 31, 2007

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