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Bed...generally has sexual connotations.
Maria was a terrible cook and talked to fucking much, but because she had a huge rack and was a demon in the sack, Phil decided to put the cap on the kitchen cleaner and keep the ol' bag around for a little while longer.
by Nick D November 24, 2003
46 10
The male scrotum. Used as an exclamation for emphasis or to show dismay.
Asian: Hey dude you know we have a quiz in physics today?
White Boy: The sack!
by stuuuu October 05, 2006
22 16
A guy who puts on a big show and acts tough and macho when in fact, he is a fairy.
"That dude is thesack."

'Look at him in a mullett and his wife beater shirt while prancing around in pink high heels!"
by Dalton Orr March 30, 2006
4 3
Refering to John CuSACK

Dude, the Sacks on t.v tonight. They're playing "High Fidelity"!
by Rkgj84 April 21, 2009
4 14