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Sister science to telestronomy, both devised by Svenalex Bresknellicondo in conjunction with a disturbed racoon-leprechaun named Josias McCallister of Auxteramekithorp.

Thermocalculus does not focus on candorous monkeys, but instead is a study of the gleanings of mitzvah oil from the tainted milk of a goat-mule of Bengali.

The subject was also discussed in a brilliant (but now defunct) theory posed by Bresknellicondo...since then it has perished during the Night of a Thousand Dooms, available on Pay Per View. Rated R.

Thermocalculus also involves a "right-wing" of sorts, and is a quest to clone the leprechaun army of Dundalk MacKinney, for the good of the right and the denial of the testicular organ.

The science's third and final wing is not that of such birds as the Archipecteronamicakszetheramicpon Seljuk Turk, but the denouncement of the nation of Sweden as the land of the Thorax and the Herabic Lactaid. Journeys there may result in your loss of your duodenum, and I wouldn't recommend that as it is a crucial organ. To the monkey system. in the capital of asktethaithiasziramkon. Province of Ganketeank. Skadankadank city.

The other thermocalcular masters are Master Robert the 28th of Lancastershire, England and Master Tinari the Jamaiacan Bangladeshi of Dhaka. However, women cannot succeed in thermocalculus, for they lack the ability to clone malschethorps of kanji origin.
1) by applying thermocalculus, master robert the 28th succeeded in quelling the uprising of midget kings in the land of Khazari.

2) through his thermocalcular skills, Master Tinari of Dhaka managed to corner the market in cheese-based foodstuffs.

3) The thermocalcular secret of life is to build pyramids of hopi-hopi blocks until they fall down, crushing everyone beneath it. The irony is simply crushing. Crushing. Crushing. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
by DoctorFunkenstein June 24, 2004
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