MMORPG-like online virtual world. Not extremely detailed graphics, but has a lot of stuff to do, like hoverboarding, exploring, paintballing, and chatting.
"I play There a lot..."

"What's your name in There?"
by Kally July 21, 2004
An alias for orchestra. Orchestra is an enormously disturbing class that
shouldn't be said, or even typed. It is such a disgrace to be there.
Me: ugh we have to go there next!
Taylor: aww I don't wanna go there!
Me: me neither!!
Taylor: there sucks
by Ilovestalkee!! February 14, 2009
there is not here, but there
"Woah, is the party here"
"No, its not here, its there"
by air patties May 30, 2009
A virtual online game for gamers that want to have something a little less complex then lets you design and make, clothing, home, furnishing, vehicles and other modes of transportation created templets by lets you meet other people in an easy way by having VIOP also called voice. VOIP is apart of the premium membership and it cost a one time charge and it is a rather cheap membership. is a Virtual Online Community not a game as other people some times often call it. age ranges from 13 to about 70 years old.
Come to to escape and have fun at the same time! Meet me THERE!!!
Second Life is another online game but works mainly with online server development. Second life also has more to offer then
by Majestic Toys February 27, 2008
A wold class game.

are you in THERE(the game)
Ill be THERE soon.
by Jayzen October 17, 2003
The shittiest, most expensive mmorpg type game i have ever seen with absolutely nothing to do.
There player: YAY! I bought a pair of clothes with my whole unemployement check!

Second Life player: haha douche! i created my own stuff for free and can buy anything i want for cheap and have much more fun without shitty cartoon graphics or fucked up camera views!
by Linkfan32 July 30, 2006
getting somewhere sexual
Boy: omg, this is way to hard

Girl: don't worry, you'll get there!
by mdawg580282 January 02, 2012

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