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One who overuses the phrase "In theory", beginning and ending sentences with the phrase on a daily basis.
In Theory, items shipping from china by airplane should arrive sooner than those by ship. Those items should have arrived today, in theory. If that theororist says "in theory" one more time I'm going to ship HIM to China.
#in theory #theory #overuse #abuse #guess
by RoCo77 August 03, 2010
theororist / theer-er-ist
1. a person who terrorizes others with brazen conspiracy theorizes.
2. a person citing examples of state-sponsored terrorism: a theorist in global hegemony research.
Origin: 2005-06; theor(y) + ror + -ist
1. "Loose Change" was produced by a bunch of college-age theororists.
2. Oh, that Alex Jones--he's just a silly conspiracist-theororist.
#terror #theory #terrorist #theorist #terrorism
by enemycombatant November 16, 2007
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