Theo is a greek word for an attractive, amazing boy. that with just one look can get you drawn in.. like never before.
that boy is soo theo!
by blondebimbo August 25, 2009
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theo means god in greek; theos are usually gods themselves, or at least semi-gods. their powers are unlimited. the charm, the strength and the intelligence are their first assets in the day-to-day life.

"i'm gonna mess with theo"
"you shouldn't"
by t love March 31, 2008
Any curly-haired attractive human being.
person 1 : i have a kinky hair fetish
person 2 : you need a theo
by Rico Dynamite June 21, 2010
The sweetest, hottest, cutest and most sensitive guy in the world. Soulmate of the incredibly lucky girl, Cindy. Once a Theo walks into your life, it would be most unwise to let him go, because once you have him on your side, you'll have him FOREVER.
A: "Do you know that Theo over there? All those girls are ALL OVER HIM!!"
B: "Well too bad, coz he's already mine ;)"
A: "You're SO LUCKY."
by Mooselet May 30, 2011
The most lovely person you will ever meet. The most caring and most honest. He may make mistakes but he will never hide it from you. He will never abuse your trust, he will love you and be there for you when your hurting. He understands you and always listens. He underestimates himself, doesn't realise how much he means to you.
Theo- you're the best thing that has ever happened to me, i wish that i could be the same for you.
You- you still are despite everything you are there for me and i trust that.
by apsak August 10, 2012
slang for oakland, california
stay out of the o, bro
by 1338=7 September 21, 2006
The best friend ever! Tall, plays guitar and 4 other instruments, wears colored jeans, has braces, size 13 shoes, awkward yet cute, athletic. Theo is my friend/soulmate, he doesn't know that yet.
Once you meet your Theo, your life will be complete.

Girl 1: ...and he's so tall and cute!
Girl 2: he must be a Theo
by a really weird girl March 31, 2014

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