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A place where stupid teenagers and ridiculously pretty girls (see also: noob) get torn to shreds on a daily basis by people with severe superiority complexes.
1. "Excuse me, I have to go to thedilly to bash some noobs now"

2. "omgzzz!!111 the pplz on thedilly r so mean!!! they muzt be jelus"
by Corvidae April 28, 2004
To make a killer for a blunt out of a water bottle and then add a second blunt and put it in the toke hole, doubling the smoke output.
I got the killer and a blunt just came to me, I gotta do The Dilly now
by Brendan Arizona March 08, 2012
place for a cam whore to meet horny guy.
i'm going on thedilly to find someone to cyber with!
by isabel January 17, 2004