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thecomputerdiva is a name given to a female creature that attempts and succeeds in repairing computers.
Men who find themselves in the position of being married to a thecomputerdiva are also often referred to as computer-widowers as the female spends a tremendous time behind computers.
the thecomputerdiva's also often call their children - if they have any, which is highly unlikely due to their nerdiness nature- Bite, Meg,Sys,Dev,Alt, Dell, HP, Acer or Sony.
1;man says to man in pub: i have been married to thecomputerdiva and have not had sex in 17 years.
2:thecomputerdiva tells her children to behave
:Sony, stop pulling out the hair out of Meg's head, she is your sister or i compress you.
3;Sony or Meg dont stop crying or behaving badly due to the lack of attention
thecomputerdiva says than: ZIPIT!
by emircedes February 26, 2009
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