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by Aaron July 04, 2003
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The Ville is a ghetto fabulous term for the city of Roseville, Michigan. It can also be used for pretty much any other city that has ville in it. However, this term is specifically meant for Roseville, for reasons that I will explain further down in my definition.

In regards to Roseville, anyone with an ounce of coolness can clearly see that the actual city name isn't very hip. It doesn't strike fear into those that hear it. People often associate Roseville with roses, or possibly some other device of cuteness, such as a fairy or a unicorn. These things aren't very funky fresh or jive like.

In contrast, The Ville strikes fear into those that hear its name. In other words, it is the funkified version of Roseville. The Ville is often associated with poppin fresh coolness and other hella hip terms.
Scenario one, a person using the term Roseville, and the subsequent reaction:

Person One: Hey man, please get out of my seat or I will be forced to tell the authorities! I'm sure that won't be necessary though because I'm from Roseville....
Person Two: Hahahahaha! What are you going to do? Hit me with your magical fairy wand?
Person One: *cries*

Scenario two, a person using the term The Ville, and the subsequent reaction:

Person One: Yo dog, get outta my seat or I'll straight up blast you, fool! Ya heard? I'm from The Ville....
Person Two: Yes sir.... Right away sir.... *cowers in fear*
Person One: Word
by IAMSODOT May 05, 2004
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short for seaville, new jersey. the 08230. known to be the rawest city in the municipality of upper township or UT. commonly viewed as superior to local cities such as the point and the mo(or mora).
"Yo you tryin to hit up that party in the ville tonight, i heard it was bumpin'"

"the ville: all day everyday"

"damn that kid lives real deep in the ville"

"you know the ville got the best of the five two"

by 92grandmarquis May 28, 2008
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An abbreviation of Jacksonville, Florida- most commonly used before it was widely known as Duval County.
69 Boyz- That's how we used to chill in The Ville
by KtMB September 04, 2008
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Canaryville is a small Chicago neighborhood next to the old Stockyards on the south side. Bounded by Halsted, Canal, 39th & 49th, it has been a part of Chicago since 1889, when it was annexed from the Township of Lake. “Canaryville” enjoyed a reputation as one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city from the late nineteenth through much of the twentieth century. A largely Irish community on the South Side adjacent to Bridgeport in the New City community area.
Given its close proximity to the stockyards, the area's physical environment and economic life were shaped by livestock and meatpacking from the 1860s until the industry's decline in the postwar era. Canaryville's name may originally have derived from the legions of sparrows who populated the area at the end of the nineteenth century, feeding off stockyard refuse and grain from railroad cars, but the term was also applied to the neighborhood's rambunctious youth, its “wild canaries.” Gangs helped establish the neighborhood's truculent reputation and were active in attacks on African Americans during the 1919 Race Riot. Boasting a strong Democratic Party machine throughout the twentieth century, Canaryville also embraced a rich Roman Catholic cultural life centered on St. Gabriel's Parish. With the closing of the stockyards and the International Amphitheatre, population in the area began declining in the 1960s. Still populated largely by Irish, Canaryville now includes a sizeable Mexican community.
Where you from?
The Ville
The Ville?
by 4rte December 11, 2008
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Can be used as an abbreviation for any city whose name ends in -ville.

The song "The Ville" released by Nashville's most over-looked/realest rapper Starlito (Lito) applies strictly to Nashville (Cashville) Tenn. Lito stays reppin TN, east nashville, the whole cleveland park area (lischey ave. for assholes that don't know) and the whole South in general. Not only is he the shit and previously signed to Cash Money, but he also went to Hume-Fogg which is one of the nation's top schools, and Nashville's hardest school other than MLK High. The term is being used more in Nashville since the song dropped.
Since Wayne knows Lito is better than he is, niggas with the power must be schemin and black balling the ones without the BRAND power. AKA why you gotta grind hard!!
"Cashville, never ever payin' ten-a-thang
615, where a nigga kill yo ass to get a name"

-Lito, "The Ville" from the album Mental WARfare

Kid #1: We're still in the Boro.
Kid #2: Get to the Ville.
by stonymontana'92 May 08, 2013
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The Ville is a ghetto fabulous term for the city of Roseville, California. But the streets in The Ville are dangerous. There are gangs like CCM. It does strike fear into those that hear it.
Joe: Aye man im going to the Ville today, wanna come?
Jose: Nah mayne it's to dangerous there.
by mathew tessmann November 29, 2007
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