A term that defines a boyfriend/girlfriend that is on and off with another over a period of time.
Before that bitch could have sex, she had to turn off the switch...Then it was time to get down to business.
by Stevie Y November 02, 2004
Top Definition
This occurs when you find that your boyfriend/girlfriend's roommate is a far better match for you. This leads you to think of a plan to "switch" roomates. However, this is not an easy task. People during the middle ages were locked up for even thinking about it.
My jokes bounced off my girlfriend like superman but her roommate laughed hysterically. I then decided it was definitely time for the switch!
by The spencinator March 25, 2005
When younger playing Madden: NFL Football the video game, and your opponent goes throw the football and you think you can intercept the pass so you press the button to switch player and your player automatically moves in and the reciever is then wide open for the catch.
"No way this Haily Mary to Mike Wallace works with 3 seconds left. Haha I'm going to intercept your ass! Oh shit dude I switched players! Fuck he caught it. Fucking "The Switch". You won with that"
"and you suck..."
by Switchers November 03, 2011
The switch is an interesting sexual move usually performed by two males on an unsuspecting female. The two males state a time and location.

The first male (let's call him Mike) is to bring his girlfriend or wife to the given location at the given time. They proceed to have sex doggy style.

Mike's friend (Jimmy) silently enters the location and strips down. After a predetermined signal is given Mike and Jimmy switch positions so that Jimmy is now fucking Mike's girlfriend. This action is so fast that Mike's girlfriend does not realize who is now fucking her. Usually followed by a Manhattan Divorce.
1. With Manhattan Divorce: I heard they gave her The Switch

2. As a prank: Those idiots...they gave me The Switch!
by eaturtoes April 11, 2009
When hooking up with a girl, the guy leaves the room and another guy comes in and takes his place, without the girl ever noticing.
Dude did you hear about last night?
...No what?
Mike and Zac pulled th switch on Sydlo
by parkville April 08, 2005
In regions which require seasonal clothing, "the switch" is the act of switching out one season's clothes for another. It's very important not to do "the switch" too early or all the clothes you need will be in the basement, leaving you freezing or sweltering.
As Jane walked outside in her spring jacket into a blizzard, she realized she had make the switch too early.
by Beth Logan March 01, 2008
This is when Joe Jacobs plans to switch from the Marcantels to the Wetherbeas in a swift manner. Procreating with each of these fine Lumen Christi's. Althoguh this is dreamt about, the only man to pull this off is the one and only Carl A. Gerstacker of Albion College. The man, the myth, the legend. "I was drunk"
"I pulled the switcharoo"
by Switcher February 24, 2009
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