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The switch is an interesting sexual move usually performed by two males on an unsuspecting female. The two males state a time and location.

The first male (let's call him Mike) is to bring his girlfriend or wife to the given location at the given time. They proceed to have sex doggy style.

Mike's friend (Jimmy) silently enters the location and strips down. After a predetermined signal is given Mike and Jimmy switch positions so that Jimmy is now fucking Mike's girlfriend. This action is so fast that Mike's girlfriend does not realize who is now fucking her. Usually followed by a Manhattan Divorce.
1. With Manhattan Divorce: I heard they gave her The Switch

2. As a prank: Those idiots...they gave me The Switch!
by eaturtoes April 11, 2009
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The Switch is a term used for females. When a female ends a relationship because lack of love, on her side, there is no way the opposing party can make her love them again. Once a girl switches, she never goes back.
Davelyn pulled the switch on Jack.
by Mz. Feebee June 04, 2011
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The switch is when the Random Scale is turned over. The Random is on the right side of the scale, the Right is on the left side of the scale, neutral stays the same.
eg. Sandy is a "Right" person but she wants to "fit in" with a group of "Random" ppl. So a person in the random group says: "I like pants!" (lafs heard all around) and sandy's reply is : "Yeah! especially when they're cotton!" (SILENCE) Random peron: Riiiight. The system has switched.
(note) there is a rare occasion where a right person is successful. But if not, they are called Try-hard random
by *WiCkeD* March 22, 2005
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