New Rochelle, New York - city in westchester county
Yonkers - D Block or Y.O
Mount Vernon - Da Ville

New Rochelle - The Roc
" im from the roc "
" heading back to the roc in a lil "

" the roc, you talking about jay z ?"

"nah new ro,"
by Cool Wave Jones September 11, 2011
Top Definition
1. The city of Rochester, New York
Yo, you don't know me. I'm from the ROC!
by kyle March 10, 2005
To contradict ones last sentence constantly
Example of The ROC

"Man, I really want to go out tonight I have loads of money.....actually I'm kinda broke and I'm tired"
by Roc-e May 24, 2009
A nick name for the small island of St.thomas in the united states virgin islands (USVI)
yeah man i here chillen in the roc
by Demoy June 29, 2006
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