A term generally used to describe any variant of shotgun shell. The name "The Reds" refers to the most common color of shotgun shell. Also, this term typically describes a more powerful shotgun shell that will blow your arm off every time you shoot it; Such as a 3 1/4 Steel Shot Turkey Load.
If someone were to break into my house, I'd take my combat shotgun and turn their face into a crescent moon... With The Reds
by Walt B August 10, 2011
Top Definition
1.To be bankrupt, no money...
2.Kickass song by Chevelle
God damn the lottery, now im in the red.
by Anthony Dig. June 17, 2008
Another phrase for menstruation.
I'm on the red.
Being on the red makes me crave chocolate.
by Profane June 22, 2007
the inner lining of a sweet virgins asshole
hey joe, touch me in the red!
by krest October 12, 2003
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