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Any kind of establishment that has unconsented power or control.
'Man the governments been getting me down' 'we gotta fight the power dude'
by Jack 2112 April 07, 2006
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The aftermath of smoking a cigarette either too quickly or smoking one that is too strong, and coughing up a storm afterwords.
"You Feel that? that's The Power."
by Chevis January 06, 2008
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The feeling achieved when you smoke weed after taking ecstasy pills. Usually accompanied by the need to dance uncontrollably.
Girl: Are you feeling the power?!
by NeatFreaks August 02, 2009
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this term is usually used when all races (except the white people) say "fight the power". recently, white people have started saying the same thing without realizing that they ARE the power...
Black person: "fight the power!!"

Mexican person: "yeah! fight the power"

white person: I'm with you guys, fight the power!!!"

Mexican and black person: stupid cracker... YOU ARE THE POWER!!!!!
by Jrock907 April 01, 2008
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