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In the heat of the moment while having sex, a man may lose control and start growling like a wild animal. He may or may not remember doing this in the morning.
1) When Karl was annihilating her insides he began to growl, "MMMMM....MMMM....MONNNNNN..........MONSTERRRRRRRR!!!!!"

2) me: hey karl i heard you gave her the monster last night!

Karl: i don't remember anything
by pappertapper August 21, 2010
9 18
Made up by Kevin Balolong, who used the "para" in Counter-Strike but called it the monster. He uses the monster while running, which makes his recoil worse but scares people.
Kevin: THE MONSTER! *sprays with parap*
Julian: LOL IRL
Kenneth: LOLOL
by Kenneth B. April 05, 2005
6 17