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a) a place that needs maps, not war.

a) a geopolitical zone that needs educational help from the U.S. Americans. Can also be substituted or grouped with "South Africa" and the continent "Asia."

A common spelling variant is "Dairaq."

Coined by Miss South Carolina during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant.

"Dude.. you're joing the army?"
"Yeah. I want to help the iraq."
by Osh Gosh August 28, 2007
The recipient of much needed maps from U.S. Americans along with the South Africa and the Asian countries so that we will be able to build up our future, according to Miss South Carolina.
Person 1: Hey Dick, do you think its time we invade the Iraq?
Person 2: We can use these new maps I just got off the internets.
by gunstarzero August 29, 2007
What retards call "Iraq". Let's make this clear, their is no "The" in Iraq, the country is just called "Iraq" look on any damn world map.
"I can't believe we're still in The Iraq"
"We've been in The Iraq for over 3 months"
"The Iraq? You mean Iraq?
by Kevin Esser March 12, 2008
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