One of the smartest achievements of mankind which has been taken over by some of the dumbest people on the planet.
English: Hey, look what I found on the internet!

by bat_hero May 31, 2009
The magical substance the can allow a a user to view virtually everything humanly possible with a few key-strokes. We use to look at pictures of cats, pornography, get into arguments with strangers and advertising terrible products.
"You see this? This is on the INTERNET."
by Vex977 March 18, 2014
While the internet may be amazing a cool, it’s also full of disturbing viral videos, disgraceful pornography, pedophiles, perverts, sluts, highly-addictive online games that destroy people’s social lives, misleading information and cyber-bullying.

This isn’t a joke. Take my advice and use the internet wisely.
Example: With the internet comes great responsibilty
by jaydeeizsik January 26, 2013
a phrase used by people unfamiliar with the internet. often these people are unfamiliar with its set up and use. can also be used by people when making fun of those unfamiliar with the internet
i used the internets this morning to find information on african swallows.
by Ro1280 July 11, 2005
Something Al Gore never said he invented
Al Gore said "I took the initiative in creating the internet" because he helped fund it or something
by nj June 08, 2004
What every fucktard on earth logs onto to spew their hatred of George Bush and Democracy because they are sad,pathetic little Communists who look at porn all day which is just sad since all internet porn is a bunch of diseased pussy pics,and then it gets worse from there.
Oh yeah Al Gore invented the internet.
And to the moron who says he never said that he invented the internet,what do you think "I took the initiative in creating the internet" means? He didn't say he sponsored an initiative he said "I took the intiative in creating the internet".
by ya gawl durn gore-on November 21, 2004
What an ULTRA UBER computer noob would say when they make a their first double click on the internet explorer icon.
Noob: oh my god, im using THE INTERNETS!!!111
by hanes June 28, 2005

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