A forum where like-minded nutters can seek each other out and reinforce and legitimize their perversion of choice while effectively minimising the necessity to interact with the larger society, which would beat them like the village mule and ensure that their dirty little excesses are not spread to other suggestible border-line sociopaths.
Bob: Well, Steve, nice to meet you IRL at last.
Steve: You too, Bob, the Internet is truly a wonderful place. Well, this wombat's not going to fuck itself, I guess...
by Matachin Tower September 05, 2008
teh interwebs
guy 1: when did the internet become a shithole.
guy 2: o u mean teh interwebs. lol
by billymuthafuckinmays February 01, 2009
1) A series of tubes, invented by Al Gore!
2) A network, made up of mostly porn, pron, advertizements(mostly about porn, making you penis larger, gambleing, taxes, debt fixers, spam, illegal downloads, get rich quick schemes, pop ups, and things you don't want to buy, but probally will), where you may find some acual useful information or news every onc ein awhile (but this is rare)
1) "I hear there's...uh...rumurs...on the..uh...internets" - George W. Bush

2)girl # 1: I'm going to go on the Internet and do a search for the white house...oh god porn again!

3)If all porn were to be removed from the internet, there would be one website left, and it would be named "Bring back all the porn"
by Mike Coolo April 11, 2008
Where men go to pick up chicks.
Girlfriend: "What's wrong with spending time on The Internet?"

Boyfriend: "Men only go there to pick up chicks, you know."
by Lynnleerae July 21, 2014
The internet is a series of tubes;

Not a big truck.
The internet is made of of thousands of microscopic tubes that connect every computer in the world together.
by Weakpoints February 10, 2008
A very bad idea. Trust me.
Whoever invented the internet should be drawn and quartered.
by istancow August 02, 2010
The only place where you can see a 5"4' asian woman get bukkaked by 8 black guys.
Guy1: WTF is this?
Guy2: Welcome to the internet.
by Milosh the Russian Medic November 22, 2011
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