to stick a finger up an asshole and pull down.
My girlfriend gave me the hook last night while she was giving me a blow job.
by xenophon54 March 14, 2011
Top Definition
the police
look out man here comes the hook!!!!
by babydoll526 March 16, 2009
An entity which is physically non-existent; the hook is not something you want to be on. The hook is that which if someone or something is off of it, that particular thing is of a highly reputable, A.K.A., cool status. The hook is something similar to "the chain", which is also a non-physical thing which one desires to be off of rather than on.
The shit is off the hook gangsta.
("the hook" may be replaced with "the chain")
by B.G. November 30, 2003
1. To get fired
2. To get pulled from a game
1. Jon got the hook for showing up drunk to work.
2. They should have given that motherfucker the hook after the first interception!
by Tdm December 02, 2003
When the woman goes from the cowgirl position to the reverse cowgirl position without dismounting by turning in a 180 degree movement.
damn! i nearly blew my load when she gave me the hook!
by Kronos_the_titan December 16, 2008
The process of a male searching for a homosexual encounter for the sole reason of "making out". This term is often used by gay guys.
Bro, that guy is so hot. You should go get the hooks.

Aaron, you've been talking about Brett all night. Sounds like you want the hooks.
by GayBoy696969 December 18, 2013
1) A General term for punishment or penalization.

2) The red hook section of brooklyn new york.
1) Man your off the hook this time, but next time the cops might lock you up.

2) Me and my boys grew up around the hook.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
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