Nickname for pro bowler Fred Williamson and given because of the blow to the head style, clothesline, forearm chop that he brutalized other players with. A blow that was perpendicular to the surface of the Earth. In other words he would swing his arm like a Hammer, at his opponent thus braking their helmet. This move is no longer legal in pro football. Inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame in 1996. 
Green Bay will feel the wrath of The Hammer.

I'm gonna drop The Hammer on ya!

Fred "The Hammer" Williamson
by frmischaed March 31, 2006
Top Definition
a slang word used for the city of Hamilton Ont.
I'm from the hammer yo
by Rory Schlarb May 03, 2006
A very large penis. Not only long, but has a girth that cannot be ignored. Known for preventing many woman from ever walking again and causing severe bruising. You might as well literally try to have sex with a hammer.
Girl 1: "Hey did you see Terrell at practice? You could totally see his junk when he was wearing that spandex!"

Girl 2: "I feel sorry for his girlfriend. The Hammer he is packing would kill me. "
by bigbear199186 February 05, 2011
It all starts when a girl is sucking on your balls. You tell her to go lower, lower, lower, until she gets to your chocolate starfish. Then you flex your abs as hard as you can and blow ass in her face. If you accidentally shart you have successfully performed the infamous dirty hammer.
"Jermo gave that slutbag the hammer!"
by Jermo B April 09, 2008
Nickname for your buddy who's hung like a horse
Everyone called Nick 'The Hammer' after seeing him naked in the shower at school.
by JTHowell February 12, 2009
The Hammer is the act of taking a closed fist and beating off your dick into submission while applying as much force as humanly possible resulting in a small, bruised, and compressed cock.
Dude 1: "Bro I got so mad at my mom last night and had to release my anger by using The Hammer, its my favorite tool of choice."

Dude 2: "Fuck..."
by Pimp Daddy Crack Dealah February 26, 2013
having sex very fast and force fully.

Adam was giving her the hammer last night in the car
by samdar September 02, 2008
A way of describing something as being overwhelmingly good, or having a superior quality that sets it apart from the rest. The idea is that the quality "hits you like a hammer."
Dude, that pizza we had last night was The Hammer.
by Lon March 11, 2008
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