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Origin; the joining of the "crew", and the "gang".
(n) {gru}
A low class male version of the b10tches. Attitudes often resemble that of a women. Act as though they can't stand the b10s, however, in reality would be completely worthless without them. Group members are not as set in stone as the b10tches and may include second-string individuals. (aka jr foster)

rivalries include: the bros, the "rexi" jocks, and the b10tches.
-hey is the grew going to be at the party tonight?
-i hope not, the b10tches are coming and thats just too many girls!
by the grew February 07, 2009
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a group of guys that have more class and swagger then any one in SHS. they started at the end of sophomore year when the Crew and the Gang combined to from the freshest unity of friendship ever. the B10tches is based off of the grew but just is a less classy group of girls. everyone of the members of the grew is cool except jr.
the grew is also allied with the bros and b10tches even though the b10tches are bitches
yo that kid is cool he most be in the grew
by annie number 1 b10tch February 10, 2009
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