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The coolest most awsome western (movie) ever made starring Clint Eastwood (The baddest motherfucker ever), Lee van Cleef (Also pretty badass) and Tuco. Directed by a fat guy called Sergio Leone who also made some other westerns with an equally badass Clint Eastwood. You thought Dirty Harry was badass? Well wait 'till you see this cigar smoking, gun firing universal badass kick peoples asses. With his hands.
Best western ever made. (Except for The Searchers starring John Wayne)
clint eastwood, lee van cleef, eli wallach, sergio leone, movie, film, badass, gun, john wayne, the searchers, director, actor, classic, the good the bad and the ugly
by z0mgpl0x March 28, 2014
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Your friend, your enemy and your mirror.
How da fuk do I use "the good the bad and the ugly" in a sentence?
by HEADS GROW BACK July 25, 2016
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