1. A group of musicians, comprised of Ed Ma (edIT), Justin Boreta (Boreta) and Josh Mayer (Ooah).

The group was formed in 2006 by Kraddy, who left in 2009. Kitty-D was also in the group. He also left.

Oh, they are also really good. They have introduced many mixtapes and their debut album, Drink the Sea, is pretty fucking amazing.
The Glitch Mob isn't new...

Anyone who claims this group is new should be slapped silly for their ridiculous ignorance and overall stupidity.

Go have a musical revival and be educated.
by Sellious November 05, 2011
Top Definition
A sick-as-a-brick techno band who are somehow quite unpopular
look up beyond monday by the glitch mob on youtube. you'll see
by J_O_E_13 December 13, 2010
a brand spankin new techno band that has alot of talent. today, they just appeared on Attack of the Show so i suspect they are going to get much more popular.
man 1- hey did you ever hear of a new techno band called the glitch mob?
man 2- ya, the glitch mob is where its at!!!!1 xD
by asldjgoawigraer March 03, 2011
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