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enlarged version of the shocker.
have hands flat with all ur fingers together, but put ur thumb tips together so that ur hands are side by side.(kind of like the shape of a field goal.) turn hands sideways and 4 fingers on one hand are used like the 2 fingers in the shocker and the other 4 fingers are used as the pinky would on the shocker.
the slut doesnt enjoy the shocker anymore cause shes too she prefers "the freak"
by jay24 August 17, 2006
A group of people who go around doing freaky things, and planning stuff to do late at night to early morning.
"The Freaks are having a slumber party. It ends at 3:30am."
by JakFranken January 22, 2011
The freak is the chronic disease that all people from western PA, especially Pittsburgh, causing them to be excessively lame and weird.
She has the freak
by William Dicks April 06, 2011
A person who writes an EXTRAORDINARILY long roleplay for an e-fed, and then doesnt understand why everyone hates him for it.
God, didnt the freak bore you to death with his 26,000 word rp?
by Craiggy K June 22, 2006
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