This can be done before or after the ejaculation process, set alight to the ladies bush, then pee or spunk on it to put it out.
The fireman came to put the bush fire out!
by Sexy cornish surfer August 22, 2010
Top Definition
When you're having sex with a woman right before ejaculating light her pubes on fire then put them out with your semen.
yo, where's the lighter fluid? I'm gonna do the fireman on this ho.
by Shaundawgz April 16, 2008
While having sexual intercourse, light your partner's eyebrows on fire, and then splooge the flames out.
"Why are you lighting my eyebrows on fire?"

"Because I'm the fireman, bitch!"

"Hey girl, where did your eyebrows go?"

"My boyfriend pulled the fireman last night."
by Mr. Hands is dead January 09, 2010
A sexual act where the male lights his partner on fire with a flame thrower and quickly puts the fire out with his own semen.
I did the fireman with your mom last night. I didn't put the fire out fast enough and she died.
by Mexicrackerjoseph January 26, 2010
A method of masturbation, where the male takes his erect penis and quickly runs his hands down the shaft as if he was a fireman unrolling a long hose. When he ejaculates, he shakes the penis violently while making the sound of a water hose, to simulate a powerful fire hose.
Jeffrey did the fireman to his girlfriend.
by Rory O'Hooligan October 15, 2007
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