A plantation such as Blockbuster where the cotton is picked to feed the need of the master...
Sigh what a shift in the fields, the master is really pushing us hard we needs to escape using the underground rail road....
by Cotton Picker May 12, 2007
Top Definition
The streets or the trap where all the shit goes down in the hood
I'm in the field nigga u might get killed nigga
by Ace2487 August 18, 2014
That place the military sends your significant other where s/he can't use a cellphone.
See also, loneliness, boredom, fatigue, or frustration.
Boyfriend: I'm going to the field this week. I'll be back on Wednesday.
Girlfriend: Hello, vodka. You're my only real friend.
by littled November 18, 2007
Bakersfield, CA
"I'm a visit the homeboy. He stay out in the field."
by Nokane November 20, 2009
plainfield, new jersey
A:where u from?
B:the field ma ni99 reppn dat 908 all dai errdai
by reppin dat 908 July 10, 2008
The nickname of Linfield College located in Mcminnville, OR.
Im goin back to The Field for homecoming.
by Mr. G unit November 28, 2009
The field is the nickname given to springfield mass from its urban youth.
Nicca #1: Nicca where u from?
Nicca #2: Im from the field homie 413 in the buildin!
Nicca #3: No doubt mah nicca, rep ur hood
by Bigga Bonez November 01, 2006
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