A movie about an undercover cop who tries to become a street racer to stop high speed truck hijackings. They race, somebody dies, it has a dramatic ending. I liked it.

but the reception...is so/so.

here's my thoughts.
its a good movie. the plot is not as deep as i wouldve liked, but its a fun movie to watch while chilling at home on a rainy day. it did fuel the import boom in the US and also street racing in Cali. but its not a car advertisement, its a MOVIE!! LOL
you cant blame a movie for its interpretation by the viewers!
its not supposed to be funny, or realistic, or whatever, its just an action/fun movie.
dude i just saw The Fast and the Furious yesterday, it wasnt a great plot but overall a good movie, and barring the misinterpretation of the movie that says "Go get an import car and lets go cook some rice" the cars actually looked cool
by BO0BZ July 24, 2009
People that generally do things quickly and people that are extremely angry.
Jeff can run a mile in 4 1/2 minutes. Kevin always gets really mad and beats the shit out of people. Together, I'd probably consider them to be the fast and the furious.
by Nick D October 15, 2003
An disgrace to real street racing by those damn ricers
the fast and furious has pissed off all the real street racers in the country with their civics and fucked up sklines
by derek September 27, 2003
describes something that is full of speed and excitement
It's not a relaxing driving- it's pretty fast and furious.
by Jess December 21, 2003
Summer 2001 film about an undercover police officer (Paul Walker) who finds himself deep into L.A. illegal street racing, helps his friend and falls in love. Most racing/car movies suck anyways (Gone in 60 seconds) but this one had a good storyline for a movie about cars/racing because like I said, most race movies suck ass (Days of Thunder). Watch for the end race scene. Color 147 minutes Pg-13. Dir: Rob Cohen. Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez.
That kid must of thought he was in The Fast and the Furious. He got arrested for going 103 in a 25 mile zone.
by Toby Fresh. Diegotown Ca. August 07, 2004

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