The Devils Nectar is more commonly known as NO XPLODE... a pre-workout formula that is as potent as it is addictive..for best effect it must be taken for four weeks and then left for four weeks..looking to maximise pump and focus
'Silence echoed in my room, nothing matters, on-one matters, just the nectar. The sirens call of the devils nectar is too much for a mortal to resist. 3 scoops later, i am ashamed....shame is temporary , the pump lasts forever...'
by Gorillamonsoon 12345 May 08, 2009
Top Definition
An african-american man's sexual fluid.
Guy 1: Have you heard about Cindy's new boyfriend?
Guy 2: Yes, he's an African-American, she must have acquired a taste for the devils nectar.
by sweet like nectar January 06, 2010
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