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The marketing department, if you work in product development.
See you guys later. I've got to go to The Dark Side for a scheduling meeting.
by kilkrazy January 10, 2005
44 17
The evil side of the Force in the Star Wars Saga.
Anakin Skywalker is such a fag for goin to the dark side.
by Darth_ToCA September 25, 2005
48 17
liars about having cookies
evil dude: "Come over to the dark side, we have cookies"
some guy: "ok"

some guy: "hey where are the cookies?!??!!!?!"
evil dude: "its the dark side, what did you expect"
by FTWbasharDGKinfected December 23, 2009
39 10
The technical side of theatre. Including (but not limited to): Light design/board, spot op, sound board, backstage crew, set desingn/construction etc. Called the dark side because of techies affinity for the dark, and that they dont spend as much time actually in their bright lights than the actors.
I turned to the dark side a two years ago and plan to stay there throughout high school.
by Brian August 08, 2005
20 6
We have cookies.
The dark side has the best cookies evar!!!!!
by Darth douchebag May 28, 2010
14 7
where african americans tend to gather during assemblies.
"pardon me mr. caucasion, but your a blemish on the face of the dark side."
by wankstas anonomous October 20, 2007
17 11
a term describing the "popular girls" group from outside groups.
I think she might surrender to the dark side and leave us
by the light side:) January 07, 2014
1 0