Somewhat common, usually refering to the act of a fine-white of the female persuasion suddenly loosing interest in those of her own race.
-Yeah I dated her for a while, but then she went to the dark side...
-You mean?
-Yeah, shes bangin' black cock now...
-I hear you never come back...
by sadwhiteguy August 30, 2003
when a guy is so whipped he disses his friends
Damn Nick went to the dark side with Kelesy
by Big B May 03, 2004
A term inspired by the movie Mallrats, used to refer to a person that is frequently stoned from smoking marijuana, while also making an allusion to the dark side of the force in Star Wars.
Kevin tends to forget stuff and is often eating all of my food. He must be another victim of the dark side...
by T Hizzle May 31, 2005

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