The act of receiving a blow job, but the penis cant touch the sides of the mouth, lips,or tounge.If the penis does make contact it instantly becomes a regular blow job.
the cave is kind of like playing operation(the kids game)...

yo this hooker was giving me the cave when we hit a bump i grazed her tounge,so she charged me more for the B.J...
by GONZO (CREW 15) December 04, 2008
Top Definition
The Cave is an anabolic move punishes a girl for being subservient to a man. It consists of kicking her face in so that it resembles a cave. You blast it in her mouth before you kick.
I had to give this girl The Cave because she was too pretty. She thought she was better than me.
by Dan October 20, 2004
When engaging in anal sex, the person giving it pulls out and proceeds in stepping a few feet back in order to kick the receiving person right in the gooch (grundle, etc. or A.B.C.- ass-ball-connector) extremely hard. Their anus will then open up wider than the width of the penetrator's phallus, resembling a cave.

i.e. Can be a form of punishment for a girlfriend/wife who nags at you during the last two minutes of your favorite sports team's match-up or the Super Bowl.
1. I had to give Marsha The Cave before I left her apartment last night; her ass was SO tight.
2. My wife tried to get me to go rearrange the wedding-photo albums during the last quarter of the U.Texas / U. Miami basketball game. I gave her the cave to teach her a lesson about men and basketball.
by Z-Bear March 26, 2008
A most wonderful place where many great times were once had. The memories will live on forever. RIP (May 29th 2004-April 2nd 2005)
Dear (The) Cave,
I gave you the drunkest nights of my life, and you took them without question, i love you.
by lugubrious April 04, 2005
the cave, a wonderful hole in guelph, is the home to many wonderful things.

the cave is known for hosting the best taylor swift dance parties and for serving inordinate amounts of popcorn and nachos.
the cave is where the cave dwellers and the cave dweller wannabees can play wearing obama and eating all the treaties they want, without having to worry about the outside world seeing their behaviour.
everyone who has lived there loves the cave, and everyone has hasnt... wishes they had.
Q: where is the party tonight?
A: obvi, the CAVE

Q: what should we eat for snack
A: we are in the cave... clearly we should have some pop corn and NACHOS!
by cavedweller1 December 06, 2009
A parking lot located in Roseville, Minnesota where Cavers go to sit around, play frisbee, skate, listen to music, and use tobacco products.
1.Vinny- "Yea, hey guys, yea, what's up guys? We going to the Cave? Cave? Anybody?" (stumbles around)
Everyone else- "To the Cave!" (Runs to their cars)
by Hasue June 13, 2006
Code word for vagina/ place downtown where our hooker business is. Cherry Flavored, Frosty, Thumper, Velma, and Sashae.
Have you been to the cave lately?
Codie, those shorts are riding up in your cave.
by A.Velma October 02, 2005
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