A fast, New York hardcore street punk band. They have a little more musical talent than William Hung. You can usually tell when you're listening to them when you hear trite power chords, a thoughtless beat-boom tap boom-boom tap, just different lyrics that you can't make out.
They have one good song, "Made in N.Y.C." about the Ramones; which is acceptable. You will never see them with short cutted-hair because their hair, whether the punx will admit it or not, is part of their show; like a circus only with worst music. Their lyrics are usually very unoriginal when you can actually tell what Jorge is saying. They often whine about how tough they're life is when they chose to live it. They put the Sham 69 to shame when they changed the song "If the Kids are United" to "Punx Unite" (didn't even spell it right).
You can usually tell a Casualties follower when you see a punk rocker dressed up like it's halloween. They'll also alienate other punks who don't get all dressed up for the punx rawk shows and they think they are better than anyone else; quite possibly hypocrites in the way they talk about hating being judged by how they dress-up but will not talk to you if you don't look like a clown.
-The only reason to continually deny something is cause you know it bothers you.
Examples of their keen fashion sense:
"You Always Put Us Down
Because we spike our hair
Bondage trousers and dyed hair
I'll never change my ways" - For the Punx

"Steel toe boots
Spiky Hair
We Dont Care
Punx & Skins" -Punx and Skins
by DaveyScabies January 08, 2005
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Hardcore punk band originating in New York approximately ten years ago. Currently still playing, recently on a tour supporting Bad Religion.
The Casualties are the best punk band there is.
by SomeRandomWhiteGuy May 24, 2003
A punk band which orginated from New York. They play fast and hardcore.
Guy1: Do you listen to The Casualties?
Guy2: Hell yeah!
by animatorStrike February 11, 2005
Coming from New York, The Casualties play fast, hard, and loud music, thats meant for throwing the whole fucking crowd in a circle frenzy. Noted as fashion punks, why? who knows, maybe they sing about the way the dress because ignorant shitheads discriminate on theirs (and others) choice of clothing, and maybe the people who call them fashion punks should also tell the thousands (and possibly) millions of people that dress that way, that they too are fashion punks.
IgnorantTard: Yeah, I listen to The Exploited and gee THEY dont dress like these guys, I mean look, mohawks, abnormal ly colored hair, yeah total posers these guys are.
by RaiseTheFlag October 11, 2004
Whoever says The Casualties are dumb can butfuck a donkey! Most of you people who say those things weren't even born when The Casualties came around, anyway! They are one of the best punk bands on this world! It's people like you who screw it over by calling them "Fashion Punk"!
This one is for the punks! We don't need any political skunks preaching crap like they know it all! Those self absorbed egotistical bastards don't have the balls to cut off thier hair! So fuck off you cunts!
by Matt June 24, 2004
kings of gutter punk. originating in new york city about 10 or 11 years ago. knox gelitin to keep their hair of for a week straight. on punkcore records with bands such as cheap sex, a global threat and the lower class brats
"well i learned from past history
rejected and unwanted
those who try to change suffer a lot
rejected and unwanted
so i won't conform to rules or laws
rejected and unwanted
the best men in this world weren't clones"

regected and unwanted" from the album "underground army"
by Chris September 11, 2004
I'll quote them, you make your own decision:

"My mind is not for rent, I won't listen to what you say
You better take a hard look, we are sick of your rules"
("Proud to Be Punk")

yet in another song they say

"Punk has gone through changes
From spiky hair to long
Now anyone can say
They're into fucking punk"
("kill the hippies")

Constantly do they make mention of how they look or how they dress:

"Steel toe boots
Spiky Hair
We Dont Care
Punx & Skins"
("Punx & Skins")

"Boot boys mohicans with studs & spiky hair
While others have the same fucking patches and roll in the dirt"
("way of life")

"Spikey hair with soap
You don't like us at all"
("Die Hards")

"So you hate the spikey hair?
I'll grow my mohawk and make you stare"
("Punk Rock")

"You Always Put Us Down
Because we spike our hair
Bondage trousers and dyed hair
I'll never change my ways"
("For the Punx")
Why say The Casualties suck, when they can do it themselves?
by 2tone army July 14, 2004
KICKASS BAND! Their music has got alot of the things I love: 130mph drums and guitar, bunch of screaming, no preppy fanbase! "Fashion punks"? Fuck that! They wanna color and spike their hair? Fine! Wear studded jackets? Fine! I think they're pretty good looking myself! Good music, nice style; it works!
The Casualties are not fashion punks. I REPEAT: THEY ARE NOT FASHION PUNKS!!
by the RiotSquirrel March 26, 2004

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