Contrary to popular belief, not always in reference to the great Bruce
Springsteen. Instead, The Boss is one with the last name Bossie who
is: loud, fun, drunk and in charge. You can never, never tell The Boss what to do.

Party guy: "Hey, calm down girl!"

The Boss: "Don't tell me what to fucking do! I'm The Boss, bitch!"

by UrbanDictionaryWhore March 11, 2008
This is a person who is so twisted and evil that she will do anything to make you cry!! She bullies you and your work mates and wont be happy until you give up your job. When you do give up your job she swoops in and picks her next victim.
This 'person' gets away with everything, and this is partly because she sleeps with everyone to get what she wants. This thing has to be stopped by getting a taste of her own medicine!!!
Did you see that fat odd looking bitch yesterday?......
Yes, it was THE BOSS!

What do you call the whore in the office?.......
by surviving victim! January 28, 2008
1). the title for legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen.
2). the person who bosses you at work
3). The main villain in Metal Gear Solid 3...and it's a girl too!
4). in a video game, an opponent more fiercer than normal enemies. Will use stronger attacks than normal enemies as well as have more hp. Boss battles can sometimes be epics.
1). The Boss is in the house.
2). Damn it, you want to meet the boss? Burns in annoying and stupid...DOH!
3). I am the Boss...Snake, this is all my plan!
4). Gargh...I can't defeat the boss in this game. Damn it....Emerald Weapon always kills me!
by World Domination February 10, 2005
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