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Just a different way of saying "the shit" or "awesome." Where'd it come from you ask? It seems random you say? Well sir, I pulled it out of my ass.
"Oldschool Nickelodeon is the BISCUITS."
by YapmelkXela September 15, 2011
8 1
After finishing having sex with a girl you pull off the condom and throw it hitting her in the face hard enough to spladder cum all over her face making her look like a buttered buscuit
After I was done getting mine I gave her the biscuit
by Frankenford August 23, 2009
8 1
To beat up or kill someone.
Yo! Yall are bout to get the biscuits.
by Jon Creed May 19, 2008
3 0
it means to commit suicide, just like in the song watcha say remix feat. loon
if you got a girl pregnant and you contracted an STD form her, then the only way out of your situation is "the biscuit"
by Da 423 Swag~Surfer January 25, 2010
1 0
An expression of greatness. What you are talking about is really good, awesome if you will.
My car's the biscuit.
Hope's the biscuit.
by Ldog June 04, 2007
4 3