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What some people call Canada. Actually, Canada is another country; the twin country of the United States of America, north of it. We don't live in igloos, either.
I'm going to Canada, the 51st state (or so it is called)
by Jordan The PWNAGE Duddd March 26, 2007
see Canadia.
Canadia. You know,the happy burned-out neighbor to the north.
by my name November 26, 2003
The state which joined the union after Hawaii and Alaska - see Britain
Alrighty, children, what is the 51st state of the US?

Kid 1: France?
Kid 2: No - that belongs to Germany - the 51st state is Britain!
by She Turned Me Into A Newt December 05, 2003
Britain is considered the 51st state of the US.
by mookeyman March 20, 2005

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