A nickname for Arkadelphia, a small town in Clark County, Arkansas. It is best known for its two universities, Ouachita Baptist University and Henderson State University.
Ted: I hear Clark County just went wet.

Bob: Yep, I'm heading over to the delph to grab some booze.
by darthawesum March 02, 2011
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An abbreviation for the city of Philadelphia. Generally used by those familiar with Philadelphia who find the abbreviation "Philly" to be tired and overused.
Girl: Sooo, what did you do this weekend?!

Dude: On Friday I spent a lovely evening in the 'delph, and then the rest of the weekend I attended a jeans-folding seminar in the 'burgh.

Girl: I'm majorly jeal!
by coco__chanel October 02, 2010

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