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This sexual act, which requires a bit of precision and planning, will make you a legend in your own time when properly executed. You'll need a full moon, a public place (like a park or school playground), a tall boy of Coors Light, a bag of your freshly shaved pubes, and an unsuspecting participant who is willing to give an outdoor BJ.

Have this unsuspecting chicken head, hoodrat, or ho fellate you in the public place of your choice (with a clear view of the full moon). When you are about to spunk, pull out and spray on the lucky girls face, throw your pubes on said girls face, shake up the can of Coors Light, yell "Wherewolf"!, and spray her with the Silver Bullet!
After I gave Christine the wherewolf she stopped returning my calls.

Halloween kicked ass this year! Since there was a full moon I was finally able to wherewolf the french girl in my astronomy class!
by Pussy Crook December 27, 2007
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