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when a man is engaging in sexual and/or anal intercourse (with a woman preferably) one must strike the recipient with an open or closed fist with much force and simultaneously yell "Who's the Boss?" To which the recipient will no doubt answer "You are!" And one loudly replies "No, Bitch, Tony Danza's the Boss!" (Optional: a second strike may or may not accompany this correction)
I introduced Alyssa Milano to THE Tony Danza last night and put her into a coma.
by Tony Danza March 28, 2004
Similar to the "donkey punch" where a sharp blow is delivered to the back of a woman's head during anal intercourse to relax the anus but at the moment of impact the phrase "Who's The BOSS??" is yelled.
Son, when I get home I'm gonna give your mother a Tony Danza to warm me up for the Hummer your gramdma promised me.
by Cheezy Coot August 27, 2002
When you smack a girl in the face after you cum in her mouth and show her "Who's The Boss"
Give her the Tony Danza.
by billyshears21 December 21, 2008
after achieving orgasm, with the recipient's mouth still full, Cocksmack her while screaming "Who's tha Boss?".
"I hit that bitch with the tony danza last night!"
by Timm Dawg May 14, 2007
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