the south is a place for comfort, a place where everyone gets along. yea, we're pretty racist, but we're racist together. the south has a mutual understanding towards everyone within it. down here we have sweet tea, buttered grits and southern slang. we understand each other more, and so what if we sleep with our cousins? we're all related some where along the line. a majority of us are religious, but there are those who aren't. yea, we argue amongst ourselves, and yea we tend to want to be the opposite of the north. but the rebels love each other and never want to give up. we say y'all and laugh our hearts out. we put the craziest members of our families on the front porch and invite everyone else over for tea. we tolerate each other and our kids know how to go barefoot. we hunt deer, quail, turkey and the like and always know how to clean it. we may not be in big cities, but country air is a heck of a lot better than the smog in a big city. down here, everyone's heart is always blessed, everyone drink some kind of liquor and aren't ashamed of it. down here, we know how to work in the hot sun and we know what it's like to not have enough. the south has had it hard in the past and it is having it even worse nowadays. no one will ever stop making the south the south because we all love each other more than anyone in the world. yea, we have our arguments, but all of us in georgia, alabama, mississippi, louisiana and texas, we love no one more than our friends and families.
the south is just hospitality
by the dairy queen December 17, 2009
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Any area in the US where the word "Y'all" is used by anyone.
If your an Atheist don't move to the south, they hate us here.
by Linux System Message April 14, 2004
Contrary to the opinion of many northerners, the south is not a place filled with rednecks drinking whiskey, playing banjos, sleeping with our cousins, and beating on black people. In fact, we are actually pretty tolerant, as a whole, of other races and religions (i would like to point out that the biggest riots when they integrated schools were in boston.) We also have a very unique culture including music and literature. A lot of great writers and musicians were from the south, such as B.B. King, William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and Anne Rice. We also contribute to movies as well, since many great actors such as Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones hail from here. So biased northerners should get a clue, or maybe read Gone with the Wind, the most beloved work by an American author. It's by a dirty racist southerner, I hear.
If Pennsylvania was so much better than the south, why don't you just pack your bags and go back!
by Charles McCrory August 01, 2007
noun, A Place Where: 1)Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, 2)Summer starts in April 3 )Macaroni and cheese is a vegtable 4) Porches are wide and words are long 5)Pecan Pie is a staple 6) Y'all is the only proper noun 7)Chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy 8)Everything is Darlin' 9)Someones heart is always being blessed.
I love the South
by southernbelllivin November 11, 2010
With regard to the other definition ...
If you're a yankee don't move here, we hate all y'all too!
We don't really care how you did it up north. If everything is so great up there, then Delta is ready when you are!
by Stan West December 19, 2004
A distinctive region covering a large portion of the United States. Due to the region's unique cultural and historic heritage, the South has developed its own customs, literature, musical styles (such as country music and jazz), and cuisine. Southern states include:

North Carolina
South Carolina

And Sometimes considered part of the south (depends on your sources:)

West Virginia

The south is way better than the north.
Shut the fuck up and recognize, the south is superior to you northern bitches. I know I'ma get a lot of thumbs down for this shit, but who gives a shit. Fuck all the stereotypes.
by AC October 22, 2005
basically just states in the south of the united states of america. the south is generally a very nice place to live in, with warm weather and friendly folk; the main reasons so many northerners are moving down to the south. What most southerners don't know is that the 'damn yankees' don't make fun of the South much at all, in fact we never really -mention- the south. We don't bring up the Civil War and taunt the South or anything. Some southerners have this idea that all yankee's think that the south is full of hicks, but this is not true. Yankee's like southerners, so you southerners should learn to be tolernat of yankee's and their culture to. we're all one country, after all.
Southerners say "y'all" mostly and Yankee's say "you guys" mostly. This is one of the many differences between the south and north, but something that they can get over and just get along.
by yankee girl October 05, 2007
The lower eastern part of the United States. A place rich in industry, agriculture and known world wide for medical and biomedical science which will come in handy when all of you fucks,who think (we are all rednecks) contract AIDS. Better start quilting, bitches!!
Fuck with the best, die like the rest.
by naturalbornhater August 20, 2005

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