A reference to ones Johnson when one is so obsessed with Poontang and thinks ones member is the total cats meow. Length and girth are usually found to be at miniscule levels.
Come, my dear, let me introduce you to the royal we!
by Lord Meatclown August 12, 2004
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Pronoun used by royalty to indicate that they represent both the body natural and the body politic*. Thus, the usage of the personal pronoun 'we'.

*the collective body of a nation or state as politically organized with the king/queen being viewed as the head, the peasantry being viewed as the legs etc.
"We are not amused". Queen Victoria
by Eva Destruction November 12, 2003
1. A way of saying "I" when you feel like sounding schitzophrenic.

2. A way of saying "you" in a degrading and overbearing manner.
1. "So, we were riding our bike to school today when we ran into this old bum and this cop pulled us over, but we told the cop we were going to be late for school so let let us go."
"Dude. there's only one of you."
"We know."

2. "Hmm... we seem to have left the door unlocked again, haven't we?" <WHACK!> "Maybe that'll teach us a lesson, hmm?"
by The Ugly One February 26, 2004
The use of "we" as a first-person singular pronoun.
We are not amused.
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
A bad-ass song by Silversun Pickups from their album "Swoon"
"My favorite Silversun Pickups song is The Royal We."
by musickology February 07, 2010
A method of refering to all of ones personalitys coming to concensious on something. often used for a unanimous decision only, to make it clear to listeners there is no room for debate.
"Having given it much thought, We belive that this needs to end."
"Whos we?"
"The Royal We John."
by madnesstakesexactchange April 25, 2010
Used when a person suggests completing a task that they can easily accomplish to someone else, with no real intention of helping out.
'We should clean off the sidewalk.'

'By we you mean me and Scott, right?'
Aside to Scott 'The royal we.'
by gabegabe August 17, 2008
The We is the King or Queen and God. It was originally in recognition that royalty derives its power from appointment by God.
"We are not amused." The King (or Queen) is acting as Gods representative on Earth and is letting the recipent know that neither of them are amused.
by We-ner November 23, 2003

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