the wonderfully fantastic rocker drummer for avenged sevenfold. was also possibly the cutest man on earth. he once was on shrooms and punched a trusting pigeon out of the sky, and continued to be mased by bike police. he wasn't married, james owen sullivan didn't believe in marriage. he did find his soul mate, she is shown in the music video for "seize the day". instead of getting married, they got tattoos of wedding bands on their fingers with their names in eachothers ring. was a great friend to the members of avenged sevenfold and will be missed by his friends and fans.
i miss The Rev.
ya, he was so badass he punched a pigeon.
by thiscity April 05, 2011
Quarterback from Remember The Titans who scores game winning touchdown in the state championship game even though he is hurt.
Player: I cant play coach, I broke my leg.

Coach: The Rev from Remember The Titans played hurt and won them the fucking game. GET IN THERE PUSSY!!!
by Cho Con Mia Wang May 23, 2010
short for the Reverend Horton Heat
Dork: I'm going to see A7X!
Cool Dude: Pfffft! I'm going to see The Rev mothertrucker!
by Galileo Humpkins January 27, 2008
Drummer for shit-metal band Avenged Sevenfold. Possesses some drumming skill, but that skill is greatly diminished by one of the gayest haircuts in heavy metal history.
Dude #1: Man, their drummer's pretty good, but he has to get rid of that haircut...

Dude#2: I agree, his head looks like a three-headed dildo... kind of like The Rev...
by Dio in English May 10, 2008

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