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1.To be bankrupt, no money...
2.Kickass song by Chevelle
God damn the lottery, now im in the red.
by Anthony Dig. June 17, 2008
A term generally used to describe any variant of shotgun shell. The name "The Reds" refers to the most common color of shotgun shell. Also, this term typically describes a more powerful shotgun shell that will blow your arm off every time you shoot it; Such as a 3 1/4 Steel Shot Turkey Load.
If someone were to break into my house, I'd take my combat shotgun and turn their face into a crescent moon... With The Reds
by Walt B August 10, 2011
Another phrase for menstruation.
I'm on the red.
Being on the red makes me crave chocolate.
by Profane June 22, 2007
the inner lining of a sweet virgins asshole
hey joe, touch me in the red!
by krest October 12, 2003